Ergonomic and Workplace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing Facilities

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Material Handling Equipment is an investment. Our goal is to serve as good advisors for our clients, providing durable and flexible solutions and helping them develop 20/20 vision for the future. We represent products that are the best value in the marketplace and our goal is to suggest products that will last and are adaptable for years.

We specialize in products that provide solutions to the challenges of proper workplace design, ergonomics, efficiency and cost reduction. Our services range from technical planning, product selection and acquisition, through field installation and service.

Equipment- We represent over 250 manufacturers and tens of thousands of Material Handling Products.

Design and Specifications- We assist customers with layouts and planning for facilities, process improvements and ergonomic upgrades.

Installation- We have professional installation crews available across the United States.

Partner- Since 1941, we have provided expertise, products and services to our customer partners.