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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

High-Performance Industrial Shelving

It's nice to be appreciated.  I had a customer call yesterday afternoon to tell me how happy he was with the quality of the industrial shelving we shipped to his facility.  In the past, his company had purchased small amounts of shelving at the local home center.  It was falling down and shelves were bending, so he called us for some industrial-grade shelving. There is a big difference between … [Read more...]

Back-Belts are NOT Created Equal

The use of back belts in industrial settings is very controversial. Many companies have tried them and found that they either didn't help at all, or possibly they made the situation worse. Traditional back belts just squeeze you into an existing poor posture.There is one product on the market that is truly different. While most back belts are just "girdles", the Back-A-Line belt has a … [Read more...]

Solving Drum-Handling Hazards

We received a product bulletin today from Valley Craft concerning their new power Drive Drum Handling equipment and I though it would be a good subject for the blog.  Handling drums is a major problem for many companies. Drums are big, heavy and often full of some kind of chemicals that should not be spilled. I have worked on numerous drum-handling projects over the years, often after an injury … [Read more...]

Freight Elevator or Vertical Conveyor?

A potential customer called today with a dilemma.  He has a new building going up and will need a way to move material to a second level of the building.   He has been told that he will need a freight elevator, but he doesn't have the budget.  He asked if we had any solutions.An affordable alternative to a freight elevator is a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor or VRC.  This equipment is designed … [Read more...]

Spring-Loaded Dock Plate

We got a product announcement today from Bluff Manufacturing. The new product is a spring-loaded dock plate. The aluminum plate is fitted with a spring-loaded mechanism that fixes it in place to the dock floor. The springs allow the plate to be safely lowered into place for use and then easily returned to a vertical position for storage. No more injuries from handling dock plates and no chance of … [Read more...]

Should you use Wire Decks in your Pallet Rack?

I had a call from a customer today with questions about wire decking.  There are a number of reasons to use decking in pallet rack installations.  First, there are National Fire Codes which severely limit the use of wood in racking.  Solid decks will not allow the water from fire sprinklers, or fire hoses to flow down th the floor level, the most likely location for a fire.  Wood also outgasses … [Read more...]

More on Creating Space with Mezzanines

I have been ignoring my blog on material handling because I have been very busy generating a proposal for a large, and rather complicated mezzanine. For this customer, the total is pretty large (over $100,000), but looking at the cost per square foot (about $20.00), it is certainly less than the alternative of adding building space.Adding the mezzanine also offers more advantages. The addition … [Read more...]

Space-Saving Mezzanines

Business is on the uprise.  During the economic downturn, many multi-location distribution organizations closed and consolidated warehouses.  As the economy picks up, then space becomes a major issue for the remaining locations. In many operations, a mezzanine system is the ideal way to add floor space.  Many work operations  I see are packed at the floor level, but there isn't anything above 8' … [Read more...]

Using X-Y Cranes

My interesting call today was from Ireland. A gentleman with a deep Irish brogue related that he has a need to create a “filling station” for a bottling plant. The workers use a hose to fill the bottles and the hoses are unwieldy. They want to create a retractable system, much like you see on the hoses at the gas station, to keep the hoses supported and out-of-the-way when not in use. We can … [Read more...]

Modular InPlant Offices

Today has been all about InPlant offices. A modular office can be a big bonus in industrial spaces. For a company that needs a warehouse office, lunchroom, storage areas or wants to cut noise and dust from a manufacturing area, modular InPlant offices offer many advantages.Some companies think that general construction is better, but there are many disadvantages to stick building a structure. … [Read more...]