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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Cutting Energy Costs in your Warehouse

It’s cold outside and your energy bills are skyrocketing!

Since we are having a particularly cold and icy winter this year, it is a good time to look at ways to conserve the heat in your building. Every time a dock door opens, a rush of cold air flows inside making for uncomfortable work conditions.

  1. Dock Seals can mitigate the cold air by sealing the area around the loading truck. Seals form a cushion around the dock and fit snuggly to the outside dimensions of the truck. Filling that huge gap will prevent a lot of the air exchange and lower the cost of conditioning the air. The dock door should remain closed until the truck is in place. It is critical to get correct measurements for every door. The seals should be manufactured to the specifications for the opening. It is also a worthwhile investment to select a cover fabric that is most durable and able to stand up to repeated use from loading and unloading a variety of trucks. It is suggested that you have a professional installer complete your project.
  2. Another alternative is to use air curtains. Air curtains blow a uniform blast of air over the opening to prevent the entry of cold air. This product does require some additional installation, but it is a worthwhile investment with a fast ROI. In addition, air curtains also help bar bugs, dust, and other contaminants and keep personnel in a comfortable work environment. Air curtains are available for all sizes of dock doors, entry doors, smaller doors and even between regular warehouse space and freezers or coolers. There are a variety of electrical options available, so some electrical work may be needed to install air curtains. Gas versions are also available if that is a better option.
  3. Strip curtains are very inexpensive and can at least improve the loss of conditioned air. It is important to select a heavy-duty curtain with good visibility. The strips do need to be replaced occasionally, so it would be a good idea to keep some repair stock.

Stopping the air rush in and out of the building has great benefits in cost and employee comfort. It is worth seeking some professional advice on this type of project.