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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Keeping Insects out of Warehouses and Factories

Bug Barriers for Dock Doors

I have been working on some dock issues this week. The biggest problem is for a customer that is having a problem with flies in their warehouse.

Insects in a building can be more than just a nuisance. This customer said they were inundated with insects from a nearby operation and the people working in the warehouse spent most of the week swatting flies: not very productive. Other insects, such as mosquitoes, can be a health hazard since they are disease-carriers. In addition, flies can contaminate finished product. It wouldn’t be great to ship your customer a box full of flies or bugs!

There are several solutions to this problem, depending on the frequency of use for your dock doors. Many companies don’t like strip curtains because they are hard to see through and of course, they shut out airflow. So, a bug screen door is a good solution.

The first style is a “pull-across” curtain made from heavy-duty screening material. The screen is made from Vinyl encapsulated woven polyester mesh and just pulls across like a curtain. This would probably be indicated for low traffic doors or doors that are only open for ventilation.

The second style utilizes a track, and operates just like a garage door. There is a manual or powered version, depending on the amount of traffic using each dock door. This material is rugged and will keep out insects as well as birds. In the winter, you can exchange the screen panels for vinyl to add insulation around your doors. The modular design also means you can replace a single panel if it gets damaged in some way.

Adding bug screens is a good enhancement for employee comfort, product cleanliness and improved ventilation in your building.