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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Safety Railing and Bollards

I had a call from a prospect today about safety railing and bollards. They have an application where they need the protection of a rail or bollard, but they need to be able to remove them easily when moving large equipment through the plant. There are a couple of solutions to this problem.

Safety railing is available with removable rails. This allows access to electrical panels or other plant.

Utilities. The rails fit into a slot so that they can just be lifted out. Normal rail systems would be bolted, and could be removed, but would require some tools and time.

There are also removable bollards in a couple of styles. Both versions require a base, which is placed down into the concrete. One style has a flange that projects up out of the concrete several inches. The bollard snaps over and locks onto the flange. The second style is flush with the floor and the locking mechanism is below the floor. The bollard fits into the sleeve and has a twist lock. This style also has a cap, so there can be a completely flush floor when needed.

Another style of bollard is collapsible. These bollards have a pin at the bottom, which pulls out and allows the bollard to fold to the floor. This leaves about a 3″ profile. These are nice if you regularly need to move

The bollard, but they are more “visual” and offer much less impact resistance than other bollards.

We get a lot of complaints about bollards and the damage to forklifts. Bollards protect vital areas of the facility, but they can cause major damage to lift trucks. Damage can be minimized by using a foam cover on the bollard. That won’t help if the forklift hits it at top speed, but it certainly helps with the scrapes and minor impacts.