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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Pallet Rack Bulk Bins

You probably already use some plastic bin boxes to organize small items, repair parts or tools for your operation. Have you ever considered using giant bin boxes in your pallet racking? Often, there are small parts areas in your building that are stocked in pallet racking. This can be a considerable waste of space and can be hard to pick. If they are stored in a cardboard box, then the lids should be closed every time a part is pulled so that water will not fill the container during a fire. Sometimes, standard industrial shelving will be added underneath the rack shelves to house small parts. This does work, however, it is not as flexible as using bulk rack bins.

These giant bins are 42” deep and made to fit on the standard pallet rack. They are also stackable, so you can add two or three levels to maximize the use of space. One of the great features is that if you ever need to rearrange a stock area, these are easy to move to a new location.Giant Bin- Grey

The bins have front, back and side grips to make them easy to handle. The bins are 42” deep, 17 ½” tall and the widths are 16 ½”, 19 7/8” and 23 7/8”. Bins are available in blue or gray and can be provided with drainage holes to meet fire code requirements. These giant bins are also available with a wire shelving unit for other applications and even casters if needed.

Plastic bins can be cleaned and used for years to come. They are strong enough to stack and do not require any special installation. It is also easy to label these bins to keep small parts well-organized!

If you have 36”, 30” or 24” deep rack or want a bin that is wider? We have those options too. Use bins to utilize your space to the max and make your space easy to reconfigure as needed.

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