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Containers, Bins, Totes

Plastic and metal bins, totes and containers are used for in a variety of applications. Bins are the mainstay of organization for small inventory items and spare parts. Totes are commonly used for picking orders, for conveying smaller products and for storage. Containers range in applications from small totes for kitting to pallet-sized containers for storage and shipping.

Atlas offers:

  1. Shelf Bins
  2. Stacking and Hanging Bins
  3. Nesting Containers
  4. Nest and Stack Containers
  5. Attached Lid Containers
  6. Indicator Bins
  7. Dividable Grid Containers
  8. Giant Hopper Bins
  9. Heavy-Duty Collapsible Containers
  10. Bulk Pallet Boxes
  11. Pallet Boxes
  12. Tubs
  13. Cross and Stack Tubs
  14. Stackable Hoppers
  15. Straight Wall Containers, Solid and Mesh Sides
  16. Recycling Bins and Carts

Bins, Totes and Containers are available:

  1. In a wide variety of colors and clear
  2. In Plastic, Metal, Fiberglass, Recycled Plastic
  3. Conductive and ESD

There is a huge choice of accessory items including lids, label holders, dividers and cups. Bins can be used on hanging louver panels, shelving, wire shelving, carts and slant-shelf units.

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