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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

In-Plant Offices

In Plant or modular offices are an ideal way to create space in your facility. Take your office space off the floor and create more manufacturing area. In Plant (or IPOs) are constructed of modular panels and posts in any configuration needed. They are commonly used for office space, but can also be used for sound barriers, warehouse dividers (Hi Walls), maintenance areas, coolers, paint booths, food-grade enclosures, shipping and receiving facilitates and even outdoor guard shacks.

The advantages of IPOs are many:

  • Install a complete building in 4-5 weeks. No need for messy construction, drywall dust or paint. Just order a modular building!
  • IPOs are classified as equipment, so they depreciate in 7years instead of 39 ½ years like general construction projects.
  • IPOs offer natural sound reduction qualities because each modular panel is filled with expanded foam.
  • If your company needs to move, then just take your modular office along! It is easy to relocate, add-on or reconfigure an IPO in the future.
  • IPO’s can be load bearing, so you can create storage on top, or place your IPO on a mezzanine, so your floor space is free for manufacturing.
  • If your need a clean space, IPO’s can be fitted with filters to meet many levels of filtered air.

There are thousands of options available:

  • Choice of panel thickness and construction
  • Steel or Aluminum Post construction
  • Windows, Service Windows
  • Doors, Double Doors, Overhead Doors
  • Electrical Components and Wiring Harnesses
  • ADA-compliant Hardware and Door Closers

Contact Atlas Handling Systems for more information on the benefits of an In Plant Office. We are pleased to represent InPlant Offices of St. Louis, the best value IPO on the market.