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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Commercial & Industrial Mats

Commercial and industrial mats are the single easiest and most economical way to improve the safety of your facility. The addition of ergonomic matting can have a huge impact on a production worker standing on his or her feet all day.

Industrial Mat Applications

Slips and Falls are a high risk in all industrial facilities and industrial mats will secure footing and designate areas that require extra care. Special mats are available for wet areas and work cells that create a slippery greasy floor coating. For electronic fabrication areas, anti-static and conductive industrial mats protect sensitive devices from damage. Industrial mats can also communicate messages with standard and custom text such as Safety First, Secure Area, Welcome, and Forklift Traffic Warning.

Special Industrial Mats

For manufacturing with chemicals, such as acids and solvents, industrial mats are made with various chemical resistance ratings, and we can provide specifications on hundreds of mats. For heavy manufacturing such as machining and welding, industrial mats can be used to decrease the effects of sparks. Every workstation should have an anti-fatigue mat—a very simple and cost-effective investment.

Industrial Mats for Anti-Fatigue

We offer what we think is the best ergonomic mat, Hog Heaven™ made by M&A Matting. It is extremely durable and gets high marks from users. We have customers that have been using this mat for decades and we often get orders for additional Hog Heaven mats as work areas are increased.

Gather the information on your mat application requirements and contact Atlas so we can assist you in selecting the perfect Industrial Mats for your facility.

Industrial Matting Products from Atlas Handling Systems

We offer a huge variety of matting including the following:

Industrial Mat Sizing

Matting is available in finished sizes, for workstations and entry points. For larger areas, many types of industrial mats are available in tiles that can be joined to cover more floor space and finished with a snap-in safety edging. This can be a great option because it can be re-sized or expanded in the future. Industrial matting is also available in rolls that can be cut to length. This is ideal for forward pick areas or aisles.

Call Atlas for Commercial & Industrial Matting

Industrial mats are available in many styles and configurations and we can help you evaluate the options for your project. Industrial Mats have short lead-times, even for custom requirements, so you can achieve a quick turn around on your upgrade. For a selection of mats, view our available industrial matting productsContact Atlas Handling Systems for help with picking the right commercial or industrial mat for your application.