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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Pallet Stackers & Jacks

Pallet stackers and pallet jacks are the backbone of many industrial operations. A pallet jack allows for movement of a full pallet anywhere in your building, even in forklift-free areas. Pallet jacks are often used to unload freight, transport materials to storage areas, replenish stock in inventory zones, and as a backup for a powered forklift. One ergonomic solution is to use a pallet stacker as a work positioner allowing an operator to place a pallet or Work In Progress (WIP) at a comfortable work height. Many companies appreciate the ability to place pallets in storage plus utilize the pallet stacker as a work positioner giving dual function and value. Pallet stackers are commonly used within work cells or in narrow pick aisles where floor access is limited. Pallet stackers and pallet jack products are available in many configurations offering an exact solution to handling challenges. For more information about our material handling solutions, call Atlas today.

Pallet Jack Equipment from Atlas

  • Pallet jacks, standard 5500 lb. capacity
  • High capacity jacks for heavy loads, up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Extended or shortened fork pallet jacks
  • Pallet jacks with narrow or wider width between forks
  • On-board weighing with built-in scales
  • Electric pallet jacks, with battery-powered lift and or travel options
  • Scissor jacks for skids and work positioning
  • Skid lifters
  • Stainless steel pallet jacks
  • Pallet jacks for washdown applications
  • Hand brakes for pallet jacks
  • Pallet jacks with forks to handle roll material

Specialized pallet jacks come with short forks for skids, extended forks for picking large items, or two pallets at a time. Low-profile jacks and narrow fork jacks are options for specialized materials.

Pallet Stackers from Atlas

  • Manual pallet stackers with forks
  • Pallet stackers with platforms for boxes and totes
  • Counterbalanced pallet stackers
  • Power lift powered stackers
  • Fully powered stackers
  • Pallet stacker for barrels or buckets
  • Roll handling pallet stacker
  • Telescopic mast for high reach applications

Contact Atlas for Pallet Stackers and Pallet Racks

We believe it is important to evaluate your application carefully when picking lift equipment. Many of our manufacturers offer a demo program so that you can test the Pallet Stacker or Pallet Jack on-site to make sure that it performs to perfection. Please feel free to contact Atlas to discuss your requirements.

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