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Pallet Jacks, Stackers

Pallet Jacks and Stackers are the backbone of many industrial operations. A pallet jack allows for movement of a full pallet anywhere in your building, even in forklift-free areas. Stackers may be used for replenish stock or as a work positioner. Both products are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and stackers are available in many heights. Both products are low-maintenance and may be non-powered or battery powered. We have a great variety of products available, including many custom options.

Types of products available:

Pallet Jacks from Vestil Manufacturing

• High Capacity Jacks
• Extended or Shortened Fork Jacks
• Narrow or Extended Width Jacks
• Pallet Jacks with Built-In Scales
• Electric Pallet Jacks
• Scissor Jacks
• Skid Lifters
• Manual Stackers with Forks
• Stackers with Platforms
• Counterbalanced Stackers
• Power Lift Stackers
• Fully Powered Stackers

We believe it is important to evaluate your application carefully when picking lift equipment. Please feel free to contact Atlas to discuss your requirements.