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Pallet Rack, Decking

Pallet Rack is the most common form of storage in any industrial facility. Racking a building is critical for proper space utilization. Choosing the correct pallet racking for your facility is critical. At Atlas, we work with our clients to make sure that they are installing product that is completely up to standards and is flexible for future requirements. We believe it is also important to consider safety precautions for racking, such as wire decks and column protectors.

There is a large amount of information needed to make an educated materials list for an application.
Some commonly asked questions are:
Size and Weight of the Loads?
Ceiling Height of the Facility?
Column Spacing in the Building?
What Type of Lift Equipment will be Used?
What Safety Accessories are needed?
Is the Building in a Seismic Zone?

High Capacity Racking is available for appropriate applications. We also provide:
Push-Back Racking
Drive-In Racking
Pallet Flow
Mobile Racking
Gravity Flow
Double-Deep Rack
Narrow Aisle
Pick Modules

Please visit our knowledge center for a tutorial on selecting rack systems or feel free to contact Atlas about your application.