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Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Ergonomic & Workspace Solutions for Warehousing, Distribution & Manufacturing Facilities

Security Fencing / Wire Partitions

Security Fencing is used extensively in warehouse, distribution and manufacturing environments to create reserved areas for valuable or restricted inventory, tools or repair parts. There are two styles of fencing available:

Woven wire fencing is composed of wire panels, enclosed in a metal framework.
Welded wire fencing is a frameless system where each intersection is welded.

Woven fencing is best utilized in areas where obstructions are not a problem. It is ideal for use as a cage system, with or without roofing. Panels are manufactured in standard 7’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ heights. Panel widths are 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ and there is an adjustable panel available that will accommodate spaces from 13” to 21 ½”.

Specifications for Woven Wire Fencing:

  • 10 gauge steel wire woven into 1 ½” diamond mesh, clinched to framing
  • Frames are 1 ¼” x ½” cold rolled steel “C” channels
  • All joints are mortised and tenoned
  • Center reinforcing bars are two steel channels 1” x 3/8” riveted through wire mesh at 3’6” from floor (12’ partitions have an extra reinforcing bar)
  • Corner posts are 1 ¼” square steel stock
  • Floor channels are made of cast aluminum
  • Doorframes are 1 ¼” x ½” cold rolled steel channel
  • Slide doors have two four-wheel roller bearing truck/hangers enclosed in a galvanized steel box track and one steel channel bottom guide
  • All panels have a 3” sweep space and include hardware and accessories for proper installation
  • All panels finished with gray gloss enamel

Welded fencing is a better choice in areas that require floor-to-ceiling coverage, such as FDA areas, and any place where pipes, ductwork or electrical controls must fit through or around the fencing. Because the galvanized wires are welded at each and every intersection, this type of fencing will meet exacting requirements.

Specifications for Welded Wire Security Fencing:

  • Panels are 8 gauge steel 1 ½” x 3” welded wire with 1” bends around long side to provide rigidity
  • Wire panels are to have at least 500 welds per 4’ x 8’ panel
  • Posts are to be at least 2” x 2”, 14 gauge with a 2” x 7” x ¼” mounting plate
  • Galvanized finish for long-lasting durability
  • Posts to be spaced no further than 8’ apart
  • Cylinder lock is installed and operated from the outside by a key, inside by a recessed knob. Locks may be keyed alike, keyed different, double cylinder or ADA compliant.
  • Door options for eight, ten and twelve foot enclosures: Single slide doors 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’ and 10’. Double slide doors, 6’ or 8’. Swing doors in 3’ or 4’ or double swing doors in 6’ and 8’. Dutch doors are available 3’ wide. Transom kits are available to fit doors into taller enclosures.

Contact Atlas Handling Systems for assistance in designing a security fence for your environment or for more information on other security products such as folding and expanding gates.